Artificial Intelligence

Our concepts help define a strategy and approach for enabling our organisation to leverage AI to provide outstanding experiences to both our customers and our organisation

Artificial Intelligence has been around for many years, however with recent explosive growth in areas such as cognitive systems, machine learning, deep learning, processing power and masses of data we are now at a point where we can achieve significant value from it. 

Our focus for AI is not to replace humans with artificial agents but to explore the best opportunities for AI to augment and improve the services we already provide and to rapidly enable creation and adoption of new services and value.


How do we enable highly personalised recommendations for our students similar to Amazon's 'people like you bought this.....'?

Natural Language Processing

Have you ever wondered when you speak to Google Assistant or Siri how it all works behind the scenes?

Location Accuracy

Maps, navigation and wayfinding services have become commonplace and are barely thought about but how can artificial intelligence play a key role in making these services better?

Computer Vision

If you have ever used social media to add rabbit ears, age filters and different hairstyles to your selfies then you have most likely used some form of 'Computer Vision'.

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