Computer Vision

If you have ever used social media to add rabbit ears, age filters and different hairstyles to your selfies then you have most likely used some form of 'Computer Vision'.

Computer Vision is a scientific field that explores how computers can interpret or understand digital images or videos. The original intent behind this field of study was to create stepping stones towards emulating human level vision for robots. More recently computer vision has begun to share common techniques with other approaches for Artificial Intelligence and is sometimes referred to specifically as an AI discipline.

Although using computer vision techniques to create great social media experiences is a popular application of this technology, there are a large number of ways it can also be used within an organisation or enterprise.

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Smart car parking
  • Language translation for signage
  • Analysing camera video streams to identify number of occupants or foot traffic within an area
  • Navigation and wayfinding
License Plate Recognition example

License Plate Recognition

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