IdeAR is our approach to enabling Deakin teachers and learning designers with the ability to create interactive and engaging 3D and augmented reality experiences.

Immersive Digital Reality (IDR) is poised to revolutionise interactive and collaborative learning through innovative uses of Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). We strongly believe this and have created some great AR experiences for our students such as cARdiac ECG and OculAR SIM.

With the success of these learning experiences and advances in IDR we posed the question, “How can we create an enterprise solution that enables our teaching and learning academics and designers to create these experiences but doesn’t require in-depth 3D or technical knowledge?“.

Our answer is IdeAR!

We are currently developing, testing and reviewing IdeAR and look forward to sharing more about this exciting concept soon.

IdeAR workflow

IdeAR workflow

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