Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an interconnected network of sensors and actuators, and their ability to send and receive data via the Internet. Collectively, they represent a kind of digital nervous system that covers our campuses and act as the core building blocks of our Smart Campus initiatives.

Today, humans are the primary actuators in a ‘Smart Campus’ environment, but in the near to medium future that will no longer be the case. Campus users will interact with Deakin sensors, and around them smart devices will communicate seamlessly with other things, offering highly personalised and responsive experiences that assist and delight.

IEQ Living Labs

The Internet of Things (IoT) - Living Labs concept focuses on using our live, physical campus environment as an opportunity to provide real-life teaching, learning and research for our students and staff.

Enterprise IoT

The 'Internet-of-Things' (IoT) refers to the billions of global devices connected to the internet which are communicating, sharing data and providing smart services. While most people would be aware of smart home devices like smart lights or smart speakers, IoT also has a huge potential for organisations to automate building services, reduce costs and improve occupant experience. We are exploring how to do this across our entire enterprise!

Genie + Smart Speaker Integration

Smart Speakers are one of the most popular 'smart home' devices. We think this is a great way to interact with Deakin Genie!

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