Enterprise IoT

The 'Internet-of-Things' (IoT) refers to the billions of global devices connected to the internet which are communicating, sharing data and providing smart services. While most people would be aware of smart home devices like smart lights or smart speakers, IoT also has a huge potential for organisations to automate building services, reduce costs and improve occupant experience. We are exploring how to do this across our entire enterprise!

Successful enterprise IoT relies on exploring and validating how connecting and extracting data from your physical environment can provide business and end user value.

This is achieved through analysis, creating insights and knowledge, then taking action. Strong engagement across all areas of your enterprise or organisation are key to enabling this. Value is created by identifying problems or opportunities and then undertaking short, sharp developments to understand the best way to facilitate the outcomes needed. As you expand and explore use cases these developments will gradually help define an emergent design for your organisational IoT solution or platform which is leveraging your physical environments to deliver value across the enterprise.

We are on the road of developing this emergent design using IoT to support key value areas such as:

  • Student experience
  • Using the physical environment to augment Teaching & Learning opportunities
  • Supporting sustainability goals
  • Building automation and efficiency
  • Enabling future planning through digital twins
  • Research
Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT

Large scale application of IoT certainly isn’t easy but by utilising a strong business engagement approach we believe it will be a key foundational platform for our organisation!

As we explore, expand and define our use cases we can answer the question of ‘What exactly is an IoT platform?’ and which IoT solutions, whether they be open source, hosted, cloud based or a mixture help us to deliver our proposed outcomes.

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