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5 Awesome Ways Your University Can Join The Robotic Revolution

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Ahalya Sattiraju

July 2, 2019

With every new advancement in robotics, enterprises are getting closer to the robotic utopia where humans can escape most mundane tasks forever. Not only would having a humanoid robot wash your car spare you the effort, it would also look incredibly cool! Here’s a list of a few awesome robots that could change the game for enterprises, especially universities:


  1. The Food Delivery Robot


Picture this. It’s 11 am and you’re at the library. Your design presentation is in two hours. You have to focus but your pizza craving is hardly letting you. You could order one on Deliveroo but the main entrance is a good 8-minute walk. That’s 16 minutes you could spend tweaking your almost-there masterpiece to perfection. If only there was a way for the food to come all the way to you. 


The concept was first implemented at a university campus by Starship and Sodexo at Georgia Mason University, Virginia. The technology uses a mobile app to place an order for food and snacks through Starship’s mobile app and assures a 15-minute delivery time. It even ties up students to their university meal plans.


  1. The Security Guard Robot


The K5 Knightscope is the bullet-shaped cousin of R2-D2 that can be found patrolling the Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley and the streets of San Francisco, ready to fight crime if necessary. The Nimbo is a small but efficient security robot packed with 2-way video and audio, automated responses to suspicious movements with over 80 recognition categories ranging from people to vehicles to dogs, etc.


Security robots like K5 and Nimbo are designed to enhance the human security system of a large premises instead of replacing it altogether.


  1. The Humanoid Personal/Teaching Assistant


Softbank Robotics is a pioneer in designing humanoid personal assistant robots with Pepper being their most popular one so far. Jürgen Handke, a professor at Germany’s University of Marburg has even brought one to his classroom, having his teaching assistant, Yuki, conduct quizzes, take student attendance, provide student evaluation, etc.



Although it is quite early to have robots completely take over human tasks, the sophisticated AI behind them allows them to learn as they go. We’re not too far from a real-life robocop after all!


  1. Autonomous/ Driverless Vehicles


The term “driverless vehicle” sounds like it could be the plot of a low-budget horror movie from the 60s but it might just be the future ahead! The University of Melbourne and the University of Western Australia (to name a few!) have their own autonomous campus shuttles, manufactured EZ10 by the French startup EasyMile.



These fully electric shuttle are designed for shorter routes and serve as transport within campus and can accommodate upto people at once with a customisable speed limit and routes.


  1. Proxy Graduation Robots


Graduation day is the most important milestone of uni life. It is the day all your hard work pays off; the day you get to reminisce your bittersweet uni days and mark the end of an era. All students that have been through the ups and downs of uni deserve to be part of their graduation day to celebrate their journey. Any unforeseen circumstances must not keep one from doing so. Telepresence robots, although usually used in meetings and conferences, could be a great way of helping students virtually attend the ceremony. 



An Alabama high school student was fortunate enough to attend her big day with the help of a telepresence robot despite her hospitalization. The robot received her diploma on her behalf and was even dressed in a cap and gown!



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